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Our team of designers has experience with a wide range of assignments. This enables us to create designs for any medium and we know how to complete every assignment with excellent results.

Do you have an assignment that requires fantastic designs? Don’t wait any longer, you have found Giraffes4Zebras, so take the leap and contact us.




Giraffes and zebras often live close together. Why? Zebras know that giraffes can literally see further.

They will be the first to discover opportunities (water and green pastures), and also spot dangers (the lion).

Giraffes are good company.

We are the giraffes in your network.

Giraffes4Zebras specialises in supporting and taking care of the marketing and communication of companies and organisations worldwide.

We warn you, we help you, we relieve you.



André Rios
  • André Rios
  • Graphic Designer
Annemijn van der Velde
  • Annemijn van der Velde
  • Graphic Designer
Arie Kampman
  • Arie Kampman
  • Contentmanager
Arnout Joosse
  • Arnout Joosse
  • Technical Consultant
Carla van Dijk
  • Carla van Dijk
  • Project Manager
Caspar Norg
  • Caspar Norg
  • Managing Director
Eshban Jan
  • Eshban Jan
  • Managing Operations
Esther Rozeboom
  • Esther Rozeboom
  • Social impact advisor
Ewout Hoffmans
  • Ewout Hoffmans
  • Photo- videographer
Ilse van Rijssen
  • Ilse van Rijssen
  • Video production
JaapWillem Engel
  • JaapWillem Engel
  • Project Manager
Marijke Hop
  • Marijke Hop
  • Administration
René Hoekstra
  • René Hoekstra
  • Webdeveloper
Rutger van Ommeren
  • Rutger van Ommeren
  • Sales & Marketing
Vincent Bakkenes
  • Vincent Bakkenes
  • Webdeveloper
Vismantas Vaidalauskis
  • Vismantas Vaidalauskis
  • Front-end Developer
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